Thanks Aokeman for your points. I often wonder why Solomon Music is not making it in the Fiji market. May be you should scrutinize your marketing strategies. I wonder if the black marketing of Solomon Music is not happening in Vanuatu and PNG. Recently, there were allegations that Vanuatu is pirating music from Solomons. This could be happening in PNG who knows. The point is, have you tried promoting your artists in Fiji? People won't know about Solomon music unless promotion is done here. This is how you get popularity. This could be the critical aspect where the local artists are lacking and therefore not penetrating the Fiji market. I wonder why your music is only traded in the black market rather than in the sales outlet in Fiji as you love to point out.

The demand for Solomon music is here but you are lacking the marketing muscle to get your artist here. The Fiji market is only accessing your music through Solomon Islanders coming to Fiji. So it is a good thing that Solomon Island artists consider promoting their music in Fiji rather than only complaining that they are not financially benefiting from their hard earned talents. One thing is producing and another is marketing. This will partly explain why the great music from Solomon Islands is not making it proper in Fiji. So sit down and think hard about marketing your local music. The point is if you are passionate about promoting the local music then this is something you should think about rather than complaining out there. Understand what your customers want and your songs will become hits here as well.