In the night of his victory's speech, the words of the newly elected President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama has found place in the hearts of the many Americans who are celebrating his victory.

Regardless of the two very discriminatory races they represent ("Whites" or "Blacks"), Obama's victory is indeed America's greatest history whereby it seems to break apart the barrier of discrimination.

This is because the majority of his voters are white and are voting for him, a black senator, to be their president. What a tremendous signal for the world to see that Americans do represent true democracy.

Obama in his remarkable eloquent speech on that night of his victory in which all of us (if not all) have witnessed through live in TV, has really moved the hearts of the over joyous Americans, to shed tears of hope for their nation.

His words already show the capacity of his wisdom as a capable leader of this world super- power and promise people of a better future.

The lesson that can be learnt from this context is both for the leaders and the citizens of our nation.

To you our leaders, the fellow citizens of our country do not need unscrupulous, untrustworthy or wicked leaders to lead our nation. The people of our nation Solomon Islands have for so long been affected of the corruptible actions taken by our leaders who want to become rich "overnight".

We the citizens of this nation are desperately in need of leaders whose words ooze wisdom, trustworthy and promises of hope for the betterment of our nation.

"Yes we can" was Obama's words of promise that echoed loud and clear to the Americans and the whole world. CHANGE is what we want to see.

We are tired and sick of political corruption. Why not you leaders echo the words of Obama "yes we can" to the people whom you represent so that together, we can make a change.

Our nation really needs Godly leaders who have the heart for the people.
To the people of this nation, we need to make careful observations on the type of leaders whom we wish to lead us and make right decisions based on their quality of manners or characters with merit.

Finally, we need to trust our leaders and give them the very best of our support so that together we stand, we can make a change. "YES WE CAN"