Hey folks, its enough for this nightmare on the latest Sharzy`s album. To be obvious, i want to tell you Aokeman that Solo Music is a hit songs in fiji. Do you ever realise that the flavor of Solomon songs is a pride of us here in fiji. Please, let alone the remixes that confuses you from being credited to the original artists

My friend Aokeman, bands like wantoks, Jah Roots and other Island Musicians from the Solomon Islands are very much popular here in Fiji. On whatever remixes being done here is not only from the DJ`s here in Fiji but also from some talented Solomon Islanders studing here in Fiji. THATS A PRIDE MY FRIEND!!!!

Anyway, its a much pleausre if Sharzy`s " Iumiflow" album could also be a history for its official release here in Fiji! Solo Music is welknown in the buses, night clubs, Radio stations and households in Fiji!

Its a dilemna for our Music industry of which people like Aokeman should be proud of! Let alone this arguement, while we should appreciate our local Musicians for the Job well done. It really make the Kai Solomone proud here in Kaiviti.

Good Job Guys, and enough of these unreasonable misunderstanding Aokeman! Moce Mada!