I would like to send my condolences and regards to the family of the deceased.

I am going to express my opinion, in saying this my last intention is to offend.

If the deceased wasn't related to a well known person would it have received the same coverage for his death ?

These so called tensions did not happen overnight it comes from past encounters, it just so happen that this encounter happened to be a person that had connections.

Referring to the Aboriginal man whom stated their Aboriginal law with "Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal", we have this law too its called the 10 commandments from the bible.

Like in every culture we do not teach children to kill or to steal, however we bring them up with intension that in Gods good grace they will do good in the world making decisions that is good and effective.

When you lose loved ones all you think of is anger and hatred. If we could get past the negativity and racial comments, hopefully we could come to a solution for the problem at hand preferably not involing any violence.

People have lost loved ones because their differences are yet to be resolved. Throughout the world today there are changes being made giving people hope that it could be done.

Here is to hoping that differences can be resolved.