Mr Sogavare, I hope you now realise some of the mistake you made. Now you are calling on the new government to comply with legal procedures when dealing with Moti 's deportation. You must be kidding! Remember how you got him into Solomon Islands. You did not even care whether he complied with SI laws. He did not have to meet SI laws, so you thought! This is completely hilarious. So the same manner he came will be the same way he exits. The day you were voted out from the Prime Ministership, will be the day you realise you yourself put your friend (Moti) in a soup. How very wrong it was from the start. So this is no time to cry over spilled milk, but time to reap what you sowed. Hope with you being voted out from the highest position in our sovereign land will give you time to examine your ideologies. I for one am utterly disappointed with some of the decisions you made.