Dear Editor,

Allow me space to respond to Phils Manzly from Suva on the above topic.

Phils, from you reply I assume you want Sharzy's music to be played in buses and shops in Fiji as well, just like our local artists such as Jah Roots and 1-Toks.

However, my friend Manzly, we cannot advise Sharzy to change his music just to satisfy listeners in Fiji as you wanted; he had other plans. Look at the venues for the launching of his albums - Vanuatu, New Caledonia, PNG and Honiara. This is where his market is, and the people in this countries love him and his music. For 3 straight years Sharzy's music has been hits in the local radio stations in PNG. In Vila, Sharzy is a household name - with his video clips aired everyday. Does Solomon Islands bands get the same treatment in Fiji - NO! the radio stations do not play Solo music - its the odd buses and shops that play it. Should that be used as a measuring yardstick on the popularity of Sharzy's music - NO!

So my friend it would be wrong to advise Sharzy to change his style of music just to satisfy listeners like you in Fiji. I know other Solomon Islands' songs had been played all over Suva daily with various remixes that even the original composers had never heard of...walk into any shop in Suva and you will hear various remixes of Kekeni, 1-toks, Wally Parzy etc. But they had never been given credit to those songs. Asked any listener in Suva about 1-toks 'ramukanji' and they will tell you its a polynesian song sung by a polynesian band!

Meanwhile, my friend, let Sharzy satisfy his own loyal fans throughout the region - they know Sharzy's music and what it meant to them.

Thank iu tumas.