Dear Editor,

The issue of the "Malaitan Jew" has been a center for several constructive and unconstructive discussion thus far.

It is indeed heartbreaking to learn that the once well organised denomination(SSEC) are now seperated due to the effect of the upheld principle by several group of people and the so called "Malaitan Jew".

The moral behind and which each individual should know and understand back in his/her mind is that although you are a "Malaitan Jew" or not, you are still a Solomon Islander. And nothing under the sun will change the fact that you are a Solomon Islands citizens. God does not chose what race of people will be saved in His kingdom. Salvation does not come by what type of people we are. It is our own individual faith regardless of what kind of race we represent that will qualify us to enter God's kingdom.

Hence, be reminded not to be carried away with any belief that might cause tensions among ourselves.

The issue which many people have discussed about regarding the "Malaitan Jew" should be proved by modern scientific research including archaelogical testing and genetic tests, but at the moment we should abstain from making conclusions as never there been any analytical scientific research was carried out in support for the argument.

Historians writting about this issue in the past based their argument on the null hypothetical view with respect to their beliefs. Thus, Iam reluctant not to believe the upheld principle but lets just watch as the dramma unfolds.

May God Bless