Dear Editor,

May I congratulate you for setting up Solomon Times Online. Today, [Sunday 23rd December] I had the misfortune of browsing your letters to the editor column. I was amazed to read one by Duran Angiki published online on 20 December 2007. It appears Duran has not learnt from his rightful dismissal by the Solomon Star for cooking up stories.

It is good to know he has come out from hiding amongst the cactus of the Australian deserts.

Never at anytime have I claimed to be a sideline expert on any matters. To be described as such without being provoked is totally unfair, provocative and unprofessional.

My only consolation is that, coming as it did from Duran, is not unexpected. It is expected from those who claim to be professionals but have never proven it one way or the other.

After all, he is always trying to invent stories. Inventing stories is inherent in his style of journalism. No wonder he was given the marching order by the Solomon Star in no time. And rightly so! After all story invention is not needed nor is there a place for it in Solomon Islands journalism. It is too risky.

I don't know why your Online publication should publish such rubbish. Unlike the likes of Duran who is enjoying territorial asylum in far north NSW, opinions I expressed either in the paper, on radio or electronically, are based on facts.

And I do take exception to being actually named. Your publication is only lowering its integrity and standing amongst your readers by publishing the likes of Duran's antics.

Alfred Sasako