Dear editor,

Can you please allow me to respond to James Wareta and Jammie to clarify my previous posting that arose embarrassments to Jammie and confusion to Wareta.

Wareta I think it would be a false claim to say that only SSEC members in Malaita are responsible for such speculation that Malaitans are Jew. What about some SDA members who at the moment calling themselves The Remnant in Malaita? I know lots of people from different denomination who also claim that they are Jews. I guess you even did not understand what Maeliau is talking about and such thing is too deep for you to comprehend and beyond your human capacity of reasoning.

This issue (Malaitan Jews) is interesting and worth researching. But for your information (Jammie and Wareta) different people have written books about this issue (Malaitan Jews). Can you search for these books with these titles; "isle-de Ramos", written by a Spanish writer, "The Lost Tribe", written by an American Jew, "The linguistic link between Malaita and Jew" written by an American Linguist, just to name a few. After reading these books, go and visit certain sacred sites on the mountaintops of Malaita and see inscription on rocks with Hebrew writings. Study the material remains of the culture; look at the setting of the place of worship and ask some people to tell you their genealogical link with this issue. By then you should realize that Maeliau was not the person who strongly preach this message, rather you would be surprise that even non-Christian and Christian from different denomination are taking about this. And not only Malaitans are responsible for such speculation.
Jammie you and I are Malaitans only because we born and lived in Malaita and we proud to be Malaitans, but the issue was, do you know where you come from? Asia, Africa or from the Middle East? Only if you are an evolutionist you may not believe in migration. Think about it.

Wareta to be honest I am telling the truth of what I know and more information about this issue can be sighted on this website; (Deep Sea Canoe Fellowship) The Vision was about the gospel to be taken back to where it comes from. If you did not grasp the significance of what I'm talking about, the whole issue would make no sense to you. Just like the leaders of SSEC, they held consultation after consultation with Maeliau but they say nothing to him in his presence, but keep making unnecessary noise after all these consultations. Meanwhile the teaching advocated by Maeliau to embrace this Vision such as, Holiness (holy life, holy family, holy church, holy nation, holy people,) Worship 24-7 around the World, around the Clock, around the Throne, Jesus as the Captain of the Lord's army, Kingdom principles, the presence of God or the Glory of God, Hearing the voice of God, Children Arise, Youth Arise, Fathers Arise, Mothers Arise, just to mention few of them, are all Biblical and you can find it the Bible. I have no time to show you the scriptures and I think media is not a good place to do it. Hence some of these things you won't find it in the SSEC doctrine but you can it in the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit.

However my friend I wholeheartedly believe that God's will and intention for us his people is far beyond what SSEC doctrine dictates. I believe it was not because of SSEC doctrine that demons have been cast out, sick people were healed, and our Missionaries perform all the miracles, it was because of God's own demonstration of his power demolishing the power of darkness and glory due to God himself but not to SSEC, because there is no SSEC or SDA or other denomination in Heaven. It will be a place for the faithful servants of God who have been save and redeemed by the blood of the Lamp. My friend don't easily get distracted by these human labels, work out your salvation and fulfill God's purpose for your life, because God the Judge of all men will judge you and me at the end of the day.

Wareta, the unsuccessful attempts made by Maeliau in several elections in the past was not a genuine indicator of whether what he talked about was from God or not from God. Election is a democratic process where you have to express your own decision. Therefore when many people do not believe what he was talking about and did not like him he cannot win and I think it is clear, since the majority rules. But to suggest that this man made system (democratic election process) of appointing leader can prove whether a man was approved by God or not approved by God is incorrect.

My only request is for you to stop making uncalled negative comments about Maeliau in the media and ask God to teach you his ways to walk according to his will as we wait for our soon coming King.

Thank you