Phil Mazly, I believe the album title "iumi flow" has a message that suits Sharzy's music. The slang 'iumi flow' is not a meaning less term. 'Iumi' in pidgin refers to 'us', and 'flow' in english means going in one direction. In adopting flow to the pidgin, one can say that we are all going in the same direction.

And this album title suits the music and rylics of Sharzy. His songs and music is slow blended with island dance and reggae beats - marking the uniqueness of Sharzy's music in the region.

If you want to listen to something which promote issues that greatly affect our lives like Lucky Dube did, then buy Native Stoneage and Jah Roots CDs, they sing about real issues affecting us in country. They answer your questions - i bet you haven't listen to them yet. I advise that you do!

But dont dictate to Sharzy what he should sing about, he has interest, so as other bands. There is an audience in the region that likes Sharzy's music - whether the song is sung in Guale, Lau, Kwara'ae, Ysabel, West or Tikopia, people love it.

Congratulations Sharzy and may your music last.