Dear Editor,

The police are not the only problem; they actually reflect a higher authority's lack of respect for their own uniforms. The lack of respect of our Government officials to their status is the first and most crucial message that could ripple disrespect throughout our country.

It is more shameful and disrespectful to see highly respected Government officials chewing betel nut as it is for police officers. This not only lowers their professionalism but also is simply a dishonor to their status as leaders of a country.

How can we expect lower authorities to stop under-aged females/males enter into night clubs when these authorities don't see respect demonstrated from these higher authorities. This is a significant aspect of a country which lacks Leadership skills.

The higher the authority, the more useful and effective you become. Our leaders need to realize that Solomon Islanders have become and I fear they may continue to act more disrespectful to our Nation. There is sadly only a tint of patriotism for this country, lack of confidence in Leaders, and no sense of belonging shown in our people's attitudes.

May our Leaders respect their uniform (status) thus exemplifying a responsible authority that should eventually spread and reaffirm a patriotic attitude throughout and to our Nation again.

God Bless Solomon Islands.