Congratulation to all Sharzy music fans for the upcoming release of the new album "IUMI FLOW" by Sharzy.

To top it up this album will be released in four countries in the region. This will definitely say much about our music industry and the quality of music produced by some of the icons in Solomon Islands music industry. Definitely Solomon Islands will be promoted out there.

Personnally, I feel that the album title "IUMI FLOW" say much about the content and themes of the songs.

The title IUMI FLOW is basically a slang commonly used in Solomon Islands that does not mean much and has less integrity and less positiveness. This in itself reflects the quality of the song contents which we may be getting out to everyone. Whilst it may be the artists right to have this title would it be more better to have something more positive that many people in the region will relate to easily. May be a theme that brings aspiration to the society and more meaningful aspects would be much better. I do believe that our artist will be more responsible by promoting issues that greatly affect our lives and country. The late Lucky Dube could be one example here. Someone who sing to aspire his nation by raising the relevant issues affecting his country. Can we sing quality themes? This will not only promote our music industry but has positive impact on our audience. We can be proud if we export quality music that has substance and aspiration and not emptiness.

Successful launching and cheers