Dear editor,

Can you please allow me space to clarify my previous letter, which Judge Filia referred to as base less?

This issue of Jew is strongly talked about by Maeliau, and needs not much research. By now he influences many people on this, and to prove it, only SSEC talk more of being Jews, and cannot be hardly hear someone from the Adventist or Catholic in the places Filia mentions in Malaita.

I want to ask Filia, or how Biblical are vision and practices advocated by Maeliau. I'm also confused by this statement "vision and practices of that Movement called Deep Sea Canoe Fellowship advocated by Maeliau, is about things that you don't find in SSEC doctrine, not against, but it is always there in the Bible" and "living strictly according to SSEC teaching or fullfiling the word and will of God".

So you meant that the doctrine is too shallow? The doctrine that derives from the Bible teaching is yet to relook? This is what missionaries who cast the demons and convert our ancestors, include local first converts had came to shape the doctrine.

If the Deep Sea Canoe Fellowship worship style is different from SSEC, then they should establish a different denomination, and leave SSEC alone. There is no new thing to discover in the Bible, but interpretation makes it varies.

Maeliau is a well-known person in the SSEC, and as well in the Solomon Islands, because he even once was a member of parliament. I remember the general election where he was lost; a lot of things he done before the outcome of the result just wonder me, or is God really showing him visions.

But let this issue deal with by our church leaders to find a Godly solution to it, rather than putting on what individual believes in it.