It is very had to understand the possibility of division in a well established church. But in my view, if Maeliau is elected, division will be very likely, because of what Maeliau is known to the wider SSEC communities.

It will be a great threat to what others already believe in it, since the first missionaries, through the SSEM (now SSEC) came to the shore of the Solomon Islands and tell the good news, and shape the doctrines that unite all SSEC convert Christians.

Maeliau is known to have a movement, who they believe that they are Jews. He also claim that he has some visions that God shows it to him, and other many more practices that contradict the teaching and doctrines of the formation of the SSEC. So if he is the new SSEC president, and even the second bishop to the church, then it will gave a very hard times for the SSEC regional superintendents to work side-by-side with him, if he introduces his practices and believes that had seen over the years as out of the church believes.

For this, we should not criticize our regional leaders. They show the great threat to the church, and that is why they threaten to take such step to avoid it. But let us pray for a proper solution to this difficult time our church is going through.