I warmly thank Joseph Lefoto'o for his view on herbs which is from a pharmaceutical perspective. I accept absolutely that all plant life must be treated with total respect and caution.

I may be wrong but is not an herb a constituent of a drug but not a drug? I think a drug can be called a drug when its concentration of a chemical is high for a purpose.

I accept that there is a shortage of scientific evidence about herbs and some can be toxic if taken for the wrong reason or in abundance for an ailment but I am enquiring from the recognised herbalists in the Solomon Islands their knowledge and experience which have been passed down through the generations because they could have first hand understanding of these herbs which they may have tried and tested throughout the years and know so much about.

I am addressing those people recognised for their gift of herbalism for which they have been trained by their fathers and forefathers as it is they who would be fascinating to hear from. Recognised Herbalists around the world who have great understanding of plants are greatly respected, and should be appreciated. I feel it is time to read from them about those Solomon Island herbs which are considered to be safe and effective by the general populace.