Julia Proos is 24 years, intelligent, strong and considerate. What I want more than anything else from her is a sign or a phone call. Julia is my daughter.

On June 28, she left Cairns, Australia, to sail around Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands onboard Voyager together with skipper Craig Hamilton and an Austrian girl named Loni. By now she should be on her way back to Australia. Last time I heard from her was on July 18 when she phoned from Papua New Guinea (believe it was from Talesa). They were then on their way towards the Solomon Islands.

As I said, Julia is very considerate and she always phones me as soon as she get a chance. She has been out travelling for about a year and we have regular contacts several times a week. That's why it concerns me that she hasn't been in contact. Another reason is the Austrian girl had her ticket scheduled to fly out of Australia tomorrow, on August 2, to go back to Europe.

My problem now is how to find out where the boat can be or what has happened. That's why I am contacting you. Journalists usually are the first to know. Can you help me with some information please?

This is the boat that she is sailing on http://www.lonelyoceans.com/

Thank you in advance for your support!

Annika Berglund

Mobile: +46 70 322 8070