Here are 5 most heard myths about the COVID-19 Vaccine.

COVID-19 has been the biggest threat to everyone. Vaccination has begun and people above 18 years of age are now getting vaccinated to defeat this deadly virus. There have been several myths flying around regarding vaccination, which are restricting people and making them scared of getting jabbed. Here are the 5 most heard myths about COVID-19 vaccination.

1) If you have a good immune system you don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine!

It is true that few COVID-19 cases are quite mild, asymptomatic and can be cured at home itself. If you have a great immune system, it doesn’t mean you don’t need vaccination. Vaccination is not only for your health but also for others. Older patients and immune-compromised patients are more likely to develop a severe catch. Developing antibodies and protecting against the virus is important.

2) I will get infected by COVID-19 if I get vaccinated!

No, that’s not true, you can’t catch the COVID-19 virus from the vaccine, because the vaccine is a dead virus.

3) I will get VERY SICK if I get vaccinated!

Just like any other vaccinations, the COVID-19 vaccine might have few short term side effects for sure. But that would feel better after a short time.

4) I don’t have to wear masks now since all my friends are vaccinated!

This is one of the biggest myths, a strong immunity can only be achieved collectively as and when 70-80 per cent of the entire population is vaccinated and there are fewer upcoming cases. Wearing masks and hand hygiene must be followed even if your dear ones are vaccinated, it is not always the case that every person you meet is necessarily vaccinated.

5) Vaccines are not safe for PREGNANT/MENSTRUATING/LACTATING women!

Studies are being conducted that showed positive results of vaccination in pregnant and lactating mothers. It is mandatory for the safety of their babies too. It is also safe to get vaccinated during your menstrual cycles as well, it’s not related anyway. But it’s necessary to keep yourself well hydrated.