Solomon Islands has been ranked in the Top 10 hot destinations for 2013 in Lonely Planet's latest travel guide.

"Coral-ringed beaches, smouldering volcanoes and rainforest-covered mountains set the stage for unforgettable adventures, while traditional villages and tropical islands provide magnificent settings for a remote getaway in the Solomon Islands," the review in Lonely Planet reads.

Ranked sixth overall, Solomon Islands is the only Pacific Island country to be listed in Lonely Planet's top ten destination.

The slim, colorful volume of the Lonely Planet is compiled by well respected editors and contributors in the tourism industry. Categories include top countries, regions and cities, along with themed lists, ranging from best-value destinations to top spots to get tattooed.

"We look for timeliness - not just what's hot and trending now, but what's ahead," says Andy Murdock, U.S. digital editor at Lonely Planet.

Guy Andrews of the UK, a self-proclaimed travel geek, told Solomon Times in an e-mail that it is no surprise Solomon Islands was the only Pacific Island country that made the list as it is "truly a gem in the Pacific."

"Its an explosion of cultures, hundreds of languages...hundreds of sights and sounds, hundreds of unique flora and is quite confronting, but in a good unique way..a unique find, a true gem."

The Solomon Islands is said to be enjoying huge popularity abroad due to its successful hosting of the Pacific Island festival and the recent Royal visit. This has broadened its international audience, and has aroused genuine interest from would be travellers.

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