Papua New Guinea's Dash8 on lease to Solomon Airlines in Solomon Islands remains grounded whilst the airline awaits further information from Airlines PNG regarding outcomes of investigations on the accident of one of its Dash8 in PNG some 12 days ago.

The team from Bombardier, the makers of Dash8 aircraft; Transport Canada under which the aircraft is manufactured, as well as the Australian ATSB and CASA-PNG are still deliberating on the course of action in regards to exactly what caused the crash and any subsequent deliberations of whether the fleet can be released to flying operations and under what circumstances.

The airline indicated that continued updates from Airlines PNG has meant further delays in deliberations by the team noted above and latest information indicates some further advice is expected this week.

"Passengers are requested to maintain in contact with the airlines offices and agents to gauge when their travel arrangements will be catered for soon."

The airline apologizes for the continued delay in advice of when the Dash8 can resume normal duties which is totally outside of its control and says "the safety of our passengers is paramount and this major disruption will not deter our policy of SAFETY FIRST and we are seeking to find solutions as quickly as possible to continue a safe Dash8 operation in the Solomon Islands."

Source: Press Release, Solomon Airlines