The CNURA government stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars following a High Court ruling that government wrongly terminated the contracts of six former permanent secretaries in January 2008, shortly after it came into power.

All six former permanent secretaries had served under the former Sogavare-led government.

The court has ordered that government pay to each of the six claimants, general damages equivalent to their salaries and benefits from the date following termination until the date on which the fixed term contract was to expire.

The contracts of all six claimants were due to expire in June and July 2010.

The former permanent secretaries sued the attorney general, as representing the Public Service Commission and Office of the Prime Minister for wrongful termination of employment.

The court has found no evidence that termination was based on any provisions of the contract or agreement of service.

It found the termination letters sent to all claimants constitute a breach of the contract agreement.

The former permanent secretaries are Francis Lomo, Nairy Alamu, Charles Viva, Dr John Roughan, Dr Israel Wore and Peter Hauia.

Government has also been condemned to pay the cost of the High Court action.