Sick patients are flocking the National Referral Hospital outpatient in large numbers.

Hospital nurse aide, Hilda Saeni said that an outbreak of diarrhea, headache, flu, and red eye has taken place in Honiara during and after the trade show period.

"The heat of the sun, the dust and the bad habit of spitting all over the place has caused a combination of all the viruses circulating the city," Ms. Saeni told Solomon Times.

She added that excessive dust at the trade show grounds is also another contributing factor.

She said that symptoms of the 'trade show flu' include headache, "similar to malaria symptoms".

Ms. Saeni said that while there has been no severe case, "it is advisable that parents really look after the little children because it will react badly on the young ones".

She said that most adults who have called in the hospital have been prescribed with panadol "and to avoid taking cold baths".

Some who have reported in with high fever have been given pneumonia shots to cut down the flu symptoms.

"We are not sure when these trade show related viruses will wear down but right now, we are very busy attending to the packed outpatient," Ms. Saeni said.