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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 2:09 PM

Budget 2018!

Budget has been passed, good news for general government services, health care, education and the likes. Bulk of the budget though will go to recurrent expenditure, so salaries, rentals, bills and so forth. Some will go to development, but perhaps a drop in the ocean in the wider scheme of things.

What is needed is wealth creation, one that government can tax and put to good use. For that to happen government needs to create an enabling environment for business to open up shop. Ask any business, the serious kind, and they will tell you they do not need money from the government, just a reduction in formal business barriers - what exactly that is is perhaps a job for government technocrats to research and answer.

Wealth creation is important because of our growing population - at some point hand outs will not satisfy the masses! We need to create jobs, give meaningful employment to the hundreds of graduates who now roam the streets of Honiara dissatisfied with what has become of them after their years of study.

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