Thursday, 8 January 2009 10:19 AM

Women Urge Government to Help Address Domestic Violence

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women urges the Government, Donor Partners and Non Government Organizations in the country to seriously consider addressing Domestic Violence, not only as a priority area, but as a development issue.

NCW General Secretary, Ella Kauhue, says women and children are increasingly becoming victims of domestic violence in many communities through out the country.

She says it is sad that many women and children are suffering silently in their families and homes, despite the many awareness programs in the country.

She says it is the responsibility that all Solomon Islanders must take on, to provide a safe environment for women and children.

Ms. Kauhue says when the lives of half the population and lives of children in this country are at stake, there will be no positive development.

The NCW calls on the Government and stakeholders to work together to reduce violence against women and children, by taking a strong stand against violence at home.

Source: SIBC News

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