Thursday, 28 August 2008 3:33 PM

Two Sites Identified for Fish Loin Factories

The Suava Harbour in Malaita Province and the Tenaru shoreline in the Guadalcanal Province, have now been identified as the sites to establish Fish Loin Factories.

This was revealed by the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Development, Hon. Nollen Leni in Parliament.

Hon. Leni continued to state that fifty percent of the work has been completed towards the ground work for the establishment of Suava Bay Fish Loin Factory.

It has also been revealed that consultations between the Ministry of Fisheries, the Malaita Provincial Government, the landowners and potential investors have ongoing on for some time.

Hon. Leni then concluded that the discussions with the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and the Tenaru landowners will begin this week and is similar to the process as that with Suava landowners.


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