Tuesday, 3 March 2015 7:23 AM

Trade Policy Endorsed

The Solomon Islands National Trade and Development Council has endorsed the Solomon Islands Trade Policy Framework.

The Framework is expected to be presented to the Solomon Islands Cabinet for final approval before its official launch this month.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Milner Tozaka chaired the meeting of the National Trade and Development Council to consider the key policy recommendations of the Solomon Islands Trade Policy Framework.

Tozaka highlighted the importance of a cohesive approach towards removing impediments to trade, and building the productive capacity of Solomon Islands to benefit from market access opportunities.

The vision of the Trade Policy Framework is to ‘Build the productive capacity of the Solomon Islands economy via sustainable trade and investment.

He adds the resulting creation of wealth and employment opportunities is aimed at promoting human development, reducing poverty and improving living standards for Solomon Islanders. 


Source: http://www.sibconline.com.sb/ 

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