Tuesday, 9 April 2013 11:56 AM

Teacher's Issues Remain Unresolved

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association is standing by its position that its members will go back to classes when the government pay off teacher's re-leveling and arrears.

National Teachers' Association President, Samson Faisi confirmed this position after two meetings between government and SINTA representatives failed to resolve the matter over the weekend.

The government had proposed that SINTA call off the nation-wide strike to enable continous dialogue to resolve the matter.

This was however rejected by SINTA with Mr. Faisi stating that SINTA will not waste anymore time with the government's proposed series of meetings and dialogues.

He says the association will call off the strike action when the government fully address the re-leveling and arrears payment for all teachers.

Source: http://www.sibconline.com.sb 

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