Tuesday, 6 December 2011 12:33 PM

Tausinga Elected Deputy Speaker

The National Parliament now has a new Deputy Speaker. He is the MP for North New Georgia, Job Duddley Tausinga.

Mr Tausinga was declared parliament's new Deputy Speaker this morning after he stood unopposed for the election for the position.

The election of Mr Tausinga as Deputy Speaker comes after the resignation of the MP for West Honiara, Namson Tran, as Deputy Speaker Tuesday last week.

At the close of nominations on Sunday, the Speaker received two nominations, one for Mr Tausinga and the other was for the Parliament member for Baegu Asifola, David Tome.

Mr Tom however withdrew his candidacy for the post on Sunday night.

The MP for North New Georgia Mr Tausinga presided over his first meeting as the new Deputy Speaker yesterday afternoon.

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