Wednesday, 23 May 2007 7:34 AM

Solomon Islands Acting PM refutes allegations

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Gordon Darcy Lilo says government has no intention to bring the Police Commissioner directly under the authority of the Prime Minister.

"Let it be claims for the Opposition. There is no intention whatsoever to impose the Commissioner to be directly responsible to the Prime Minister" said Lilo.

Mr Lilo was responding to claims by the Parliamentary Opposition that government is intending to amend relevant sections of the constitution to allow the Prime Minister to have more power over the office of the Police Commissioner.

The Opposition leader Fred Fono claims the government may table certain bills, seeking constitutional amendments, in the next sitting of Parliament. Mr Fono claims that one such amendment would involve making the Police Commissioner answerable to the Prime Minister.

The Opposition Leader went on to claim that the government's intention to create new Parliamentary Secretariats was merely a way to gain the two thirds majority needed to pass such constitutional amendments through the Legislature.

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