Wednesday, 15 December 2010 12:06 PM

Solomon Government Seeks Explanation

The Solomon Islands government is seeking a formal explanation from the Public Solicitor's Office for the sudden departure of Lusibaea's lawyer from Honiara last week.

Robert Cavanagh was due to appear at the bail application last week for Hon. Lusibaea but instead departed for Australia under medical reasons. The bail application was then adjourned.

Mr Cavanagh issued a statement asserting that the decision to leave was based entirely on his deteriorating health state.

But government spokesperson, Alfred Sasako says the cabinet suspects Mr Cavanagh was pressured to leave.

"The concern is that if indeed it is established that Mr Cavanagh was pressured to leave then the view from here is that our legal system has been undermined to the extent that no-one can trust the system anymore," says Mr. Sasako.

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