Wednesday, 20 August 2008 1:34 PM

Sogavare Questions Legality of $100,000

The leader of the Opposition, Hon. Sogavare has questioned the legality of the $100,000 the Government has paid into each Parliamentary Member's RCDF accounts.

He said that under the Parliamentary Entitlement Regulation, each Member of Parliament is only entitled to $400,000 for the RCDF.

"I do not know where the $100,000 is coming from. If it's towards RCDF then I am questioning its legality," stated Sogavare.

Hon. Sogavare said he will seek legal clarification on the status of the money and he has plans to return the money to the Speaker of Parliament.

"I and other opposition members will be returning the money to the Speaker of Parliament until the status of the money is explained," Mr. Sogavare said.


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