Wednesday, 18 December 2013 8:48 AM

Sixty Nationals Awarded Australian Scholarship

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has congratulated 60 Solomon Islanders who will receive Australia Awards scholarships to study at Australian or regional universities next year.

The Minister joined the Australia Awards scholarship recipients and members of the Solomon Islands Alumni at a function hosted by the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands during her visit to Solomon Islands.

In congratulating the 2014 scholars, Ms Bishop said the scholarships represent a significant investment in the long term development of Solomon Islands.

“The scholarships are an important part of Australia’s partnership with Solomon Islands. They provide opportunities for Solomon Islanders to receive a quality education and to build skills, leadership, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the whole country,” Ms Bishop said.

“When the scholars return home after completing their studies, they will use their new skills to influence change and contribute to development in Solomon Islands.”

“Many former Australian scholars now hold senior positions in both the public and private sectors in Solomon Islands, so the opportunity offered through scholarships can be life changing.”

The Australia Awards are considered to be prestigious scholarships which build knowledge, education and enduring ties between Australia and its neighbours. The Australia Awards create a global network of leaders committed to social development and economic growth with strong links to Australia.

The Australia Awards cover travel, health insurance, living allowances, tuition fees and university costs.

Australia will allocate A$4 million this year to scholarships for Solomon Islanders, reinforcing a major investment in both education and the future of Solomon Islands.

The recipients of Australia Awards in 2014 are:

Australian universities:

Lincy Pende – Doctor of Philosophy: The Governance of Natural Resources, Conflict and Development in Solomon Islands, Australian National University
Lionel Kakai - Doctor of Philosophy: Improving the quality of school-based assessment in science education in a developing economy; a socio-cultural and contextual innovation in Solomon Islands, Curtin University
George Pego - Master of Nursing Leadership & Management, Queensland University of Technology
Hudson Ilala - Master of International Business, Griffith University
Bennett Pitakia - Master of Construction Project Management, Queensland University of Technology
Donald Kiriau - Master of Economics, University of Sydney
Patteson Lusi - Master of Arts (Research), University of New South Wales
Allan Daonga - Master of Community Planning & Development, La Trobe University
Marion Luihenue - Master of Special Education, University of New South Wales
Hayna Hellen - Master of Social Work, James Cook University
Mary Fasi - Master of Education (inclusive Education), Queensland University of Technology
Sandrah Kaforau - Master of Advance Nursing Practice, University of Melbourne
Emily Kupenga - Master of Public Policy and Management, University of Melbourne
Tearo Walenenea - Master of Law, Monash University
Nellie Ladomea – Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing, University of Melbourne
Billy Buka - Bachelor of Engineering (Mining), Curtin University
Nathaniel Houairia - Bachelor of Pathology, James Cook University
Nathan Junior Waleiole - Bachelor of Science (Information Technology), Swinburne University of Technology
Elizabeth Belabitu - Bachelor of Engineering (Mining), Curtin University
Lisa Baura - Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney
Vinjah Ezra - Bachelor of Engineering (Mining), Curtin University
Naomi Mara - Bachelor of Government & Public Management, James Cook University
Bonnie Pauku - Bachelor of Veterinary Science, James Cook University

Regional universities:

Priestley Habru - Post Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies, USP Fiji
Robert Soaika - Bachelor of Commerce, USP Fiji
Garry Kapentana - Bachelor Accounting, USP Fiji
Jamie Molea - Bachelor of Law, USP Vanuatu
Jonathan Manehanitai - Bachelor of Accounting, USP Fiji
Lency Muna - Bachelor of Environmental Science, USP Fiji
David Takubala - Bachelor of Information Technology, USP Fiji
Moses Maneiria - Bachelor of Arts (Law Legal Draftsman), USP Fiji
Gift Mana - Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), USP Fiji
Anthony Maelasi - Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Psychology), USP Fiji
Mark Hamata - Bachelor of Agriculture, USP Fiji
Michael Bwekuli - Bachelor of Finance/accounting USP Fiji,
Winniefred Hivu - Bachelor of Commerce (accounting), USP Fiji
Maureen Salini - Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), USP Fiji
Gloria Beuka - Bachelor of Accounting, USP Fiji
Tracy O'ai - Bachelor of Environmental Health, USP Fiji
Margareth Kwaiga - Bachelor of Commerce, USP Fiji
Alina Palmer - Bachelor of Law (Marine), USP Vanuatu
Bolrish Leimah - BA of Arts (Environmental Studies/Science), USP Fiji
Fielda Pita - Bachelor of Education, USP Fiji
Hilda Aratara - Bachelor of Commerce, USP Fiji
Priscilla Buddie -Bachelor of Special Education, USP Fiji
Ella Hou - Bachelor of Arts Gender Studies, USP Fiji
Melanie Ramo - Bachelor of Law, USP Fiji
Tonny Taupongi - Bachelor of Accounting, USP Fiji
Zina Fefera -Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Fiji National University
Jael O'oi - Bachelor of Environmental Health, Fiji National University
David Esibaea - Bachelor of Engineering, Fiji National University
Francis Maebulia - Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Fiji National University
Rosalyn Mona - Bachelor of Pharmacy, University of Papua New Guinea
Edna Ngava - Bachelor of Business & Management, University of Papua New Guinea
Winnie Sulumae - Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Technology, PNG
Jerome Tamis - Bachelor of Mining Engineering, University of Technology, PNG
Gibson Philip - Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Technology, PNG
John Samane - Bachelor of Engineering (Construction), University of Technology, PNG
Caroline Galo - Bachelor of Engineering (Mining), University of Technology, PNG

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