Monday, 22 October 2007 12:43 PM

SIPPA Establish Network to Help Rural Health

The Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) has established an effective network to help rural health.

Community Health Education Officer, Mr. Ben Angoa, said network has been established with other stakeholders in the country.

He said progress has been successful, with "almost all" of their aims and objectives achieved.

Mr. Angoa said SIPPA clinic is now helping many provinces throughout Solomon Islands, which goes as far as Rennell Bellona, Ulawa province, among other provinces.

He said renovations of the SIPPA office in Gizo is among their many achievements.

Mr. Angoa said that currently, SIPPA is working together with other NGOs to help in the country's on-going fight against HIV/AIDS and other related issues common in the Solomons.

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