Monday, 11 February 2008 10:50 AM

Sikua Fights to Reduce Corruption in Solomons: Pollard

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua "definitely has a strong mind to reduce corruption in the Solomons".

Speaking to Solomon Times, the man who declined a top job offered by the government, Bob Pollard described Prime Minister Sikua as a leader who "wants to do good things and the right things".

He said that declining "a genuine offer" was for personal reasons and "because I think [the job] is not right for me".

"It is not because I do not want to work with the government, but currently I am doing voluntary work with Transparency Solomon Islands and running my small business," Mr. Pollard told Solomon Times.

He said that it was "hard to say no to a good person's offer".

"Prime Minister Sikua wants good support and I wish him and his government all the best in doing the right things for the country," Mr. Pollard said.

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