Thursday, 11 September 2008 4:07 PM

SICHE has New Teaching Service Commission Council

An Oath ceremony was held at the Government house this morning for the members of the newly established Solomon Islands College of Higher Education's (SICHE) 'Teaching Service Commission Council'.

In attendance were officials from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources together with the Ministry of Public Service.

Those in the new council are Dr. Alice Pollard, Mrs. Joylin Liolea, Samson Maeniuta and Gordon Mara.

Dr.Pollard was sworn in as the chair person of the SICHE council and Mrs. Joylin Liolea, Samson Maeniuta and Gordon Mara as the member of the teaching service commission.

During the ceremony Governor General Nathaniel Waena stated that this has been an important event as it marks the beginning of a college council.

According to Sir Waena, this is also history in the making "as this has been the first time a woman has taken lead in such an important institution."

He expressed that this has been a bold step forward and that it is now time the Solomon Islanders "do not rely on other institutions to move into having a national university to provide leaders for the future."

Solomon Times spoke to Dr. Alice Pollard who mentioned that as the chairperson she must with the council understand the role of the Teaching Service Commission council and most importantly "ensure that the council live by the code of ethics."

"Having the council of the Teaching Service Commission will encompass the direction of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education," concludes Dr.Pollard.

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