Thursday, 28 August 2008 9:26 AM

Shanel Likely to Loose Parliamentary Seat

The Member of Parliament for Central Guadalcanal, Hon. Peter Shanel is now serving a nine months jail sentence.

Mr. Shanel is also likely to loose his Parliamentary seat as that of his counterpart, former Parliament Member for East Honiara, Charles Dausabea.

A Parliament Member automatically looses his/her Parliamentary seat when a jail sentence is beyond the maximum of six months.

Hon. Shanel, who was refused bail, started serving his sentence on Tuesday, while awaiting his plan to appeal against his conviction.

Peter Shanel was found guilty of inflicting unlawful wounding to a high school student during a brawl in front of the National Referral Hospital in 2007. He was also found guilty of possessing a dangerous weapon in a restricted area.

Honiara Chief Magistrate, Michael Scott handed down his judgement on Tuesday.


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