Friday, 16 January 2009 12:06 PM

RSIP to Work With Media Organisations

The Royal Solomon Islands Police is keen to strengthen its work relations with the local media organizations.

Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, revealed at a media conference yesterday on a chance that the media should have to interact with the RSIP.

He said that the RSIP is "very keen" on what the media organizations are doing for the country and would like to work closely with them.

Mr. Marshall said that police through its media unit will select a media officer from the print, radio, television or online news group to work with the police.

He said the assignment will be tasked to anyone from the different organizations and the appointee will be working with the police for a period of six to twelve months.

The assignment will open a learning environment for both the media officer and police officers in the media unit.

"The media officer will learn more about the police while at the same time, we will learn more about the media organizations."

Mr. Marshall said the initiative is aimed at helping to build "a very good relationship between the police and the media, which would lead to good information sharing in the future".

The head of RSIP said works are still in place on the plan, which is expected to kick start early this year.

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