Thursday, 29 October 2009 8:21 AM

Returning Officer Clarifies Sir Allan's Candidacy

The Returning Officer for the Savo and Russells by-election, Enley Sade, has advised the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission that he is satisfied that the nomination of Sir Allan Kemakeza should still stand according to the electoral law.

Under the electoral law, the Returning Officer is appointed by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission and is the only person responsible for receiving and accepting nominations for candidates.

The Returning Officer said that under the electoral law, the decision of the Returning Officer could not be changed once the nomination has been accepted.

Mr Sade advised the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission that while questions have arisen regarding Sir Allan Kemakeza's nomination, these have come after the nomination was accepted.

Mr Sade said that the law sets out a clear process to follow should there be legal issues surrounding intending candidates that have been duly accepted by the returning officer.

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