Monday, 29 September 2008 7:08 AM

Rannonga Villagers Struggle for Daily Living

Rannonga in the Western Province, Solomon Islands are one of the hard hit areas during the April 2007 Tsunami.

According to people from Rannonga, some parts of their island were raised almost 10 feet from its original position during the earthquake and the tsunami.

Because of the elevation, most of the precious coral reefs have been exposed causing concern among villagers who rely on the reefs for their survival.

"This is devastating to the people of Rannonga who rely heavily on the reefs for their daily survival. Most of the marine lives have disappeared because of the elevation. This is indeed a long term impact of the quake and tsunami," says Mrs. Maureen Basi from Rannonga.

"The fish from the reefs are the major source of protein for the villagers. However, since the reefs destruction, the villagers would have to travel further distance to find food...which can be risky at times," she adds.

The Rannonga reefs have long fascinated tourists however; the picturesque reefs are no longer in existence negatively impacting tourism in Rannonga.

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