Wednesday, 6 August 2008 12:47 PM

RAMSI Clarifies Misunderstanding at GBR

Members of the media were yesterday denied access into RAMSI headquarters at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR), during the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and the Governor General.

A RAMSI advisor, in an e-mail to all major news agencies in Solomon Islands, explained that they "did not organize any passes for the media," therefore, upon their arrival, no one from the PPF knew about it.

The email went on to say that by the time they realized, all the bosses that made the decision of who is allowed in to GBR "were all in a briefing with the Governor General and the Duke and Duchess and could not be interrupted."

The email stressed that yesterday was not a media ban but a misunderstanding as they have, in the past, invited the media into the GBR. The visit of Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was sighted as an example.

Meanwhile, as reported by RAMSI media, the Acting Special Coordinator of RAMSI Jonathon Austin and Commander of PPF Denis McDermott greeted the Duke and Duchess and the Governor General.

The Acting Special Coordinator, the PPF Commander Denis McDermott and other RAMSI pillar heads provided a briefing on the role and achievements of RAMSI to the Duke and Duchess and the Governor General.

This was then followed by the Governor General and the Duke of Gloucester laying wreaths at the RAMSI memorial for three people who have died whilst serving for RAMSI in the Solomon Islands.

A capability demonstration involving the SIPF, PPF and RAMSI military was then conducted to show the Governor General and Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the capability of officers to react to situations of civil disorder.

A formal lunch was then held at the GBR recreation area where the Governor General and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended, as well as, PPF executives and other RAMSI officials.

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