Friday, 31 October 2008 9:26 AM

RAMSI and SI Gov't: Moving Forward Together

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers went to the RAMSI Base at Guadalcanal Beach Resort yesterday to meet with the Heads of RAMSI and the Participating Police Force(PPF).

The meeting reiterated the importance for the Solomon Islands government and RAMSI to continue to work together in partnership. The briefing to the Prime Minister and his cabinet was rightfully titled, 'Moving Forward Together.'

Yesterday's briefing was very much focused on the working relationship between the Solomon Islands Police Force and the PPF. The briefing also included plans that will be discussed between the government together with RAMSI and PPF.

The meeting yesterday also demonstrated the importance of continuous dialogue on how best issues facing the country could be managed.

In a statement by the Minister of Police and Justice, Hon. Manetoali said that the occasion is a special occasion. He stated that it is "good as it shows that RAMSI and PPF are very transparent in what they are doing in the country." He also stated that it is a very good start for the future of the PPF and Solomon Islands Police Force.

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