Thursday, 17 April 2008 8:11 AM

Protecting Solomons' Sovereignty and its People: Prime Minister Sikua

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said that the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government will never sacrifice Solomon Islands' sovereignty and its people.

The Prime Minister said that international relations are important to Solomon Islands in the strife for economic development.

He said that his government fully recognise and understand the importance of state sovereignty as the corner stone of international relations, which is the basis of its dealings with other sovereign governments and states.

Prime Minister Sikua added that his government will continue to work closely with the people to restore and strengthen the country's security institutions, and other government entities affected by the ethnic crisis, to ensure a better life and future for the people.

Dr. Sikua's comment was in response to criticisms by the Opposition Leader, Manasseh Sogavare who had told Parliament the CNURA Government had continued to protect Australia's interest in Solomon Islands even if it stepped all over our sovereignty.

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