Monday, 31 January 2011 9:41 AM

Police Investigate Illegal Fishing by Taiwanese Vessels

Police are continuing their investigation into the Taiwanese fishing vessels that were caught fishing in Solomon Islands' waters recently.

The Police Force Maritime Unit patrol boat Auki intercepted and apprehended the two foreign fishing vessels were alleged to be fishing illegal in the northern part of Solomon Islands Exclusive Economic Zone last week.

The police and the National Fisheries Department have been monitoring the two vessels and say the vessels have violated their fishing licenses in Solomon Island waters for more than a week.

They were located and monitored by the Police Maritime Unit through a Vessel Monitoring System which is linked with the Forum Fisheries Agency regional monitoring system.

Deputy Police Commissioner Walter Kola says the vessels are berthing at Police Maritime Base at Point Cruz awaiting the completion of a joint police and the Fisheries Department investigation.

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