Wednesday, 10 December 2008 7:20 AM

Police Arrest Youth for Larceny

Police have charged a 17-year-old male for larceny after he tried to sell a stolen computer on Saturday morning to Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall.

The Acting Police Commissioner was off-duty at the time when it is alleged the 17-year-old walked up to his parked car and offered to sell him a computer.

"I thought there was something strange about this so I took the details of the man. I told him who I was and seized the computer from the startled individual. I then reported the information to Central Police.

"I was later informed by officers from Central Police that the computer the man was trying to sell had been reported stolen from a house and detectives had been looking for this suspect.

"I guess the man picked the wrong car and the wrong person to try and sell the stolen goods to. Admittedly, I was unshaven at the time and wearing short pants and a t-shirt," Acting Commissioner Marshall said.

The computer belonged to a teacher and will be returned after the investigation is finalised.

Detectives from Central CID charged the 17-year-old on Saturday morning with larceny from a dwelling house. He was granted bail and is expected to appear in the Honiara Magistrates Court in January.

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