Monday, 11 August 2008 10:23 AM

PM Says Motion Never Was for People

Prior to the vote, the Prime Minister stated that the Motion of No Confidence was "not in the interest of the people" of Solomon Islands.

In the Prime Minister's speech against the Motion, Dr. Derek Sikua stated that the majority of Solomon Islanders want the CNURA government to continue as "we have a better chance to make a better Solomon Islands."

The Prime Minister said that when the country was under the leadership of Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, now Opposition Leader, "Solomon Islands were a gloomy and dull place".

Dr. Derek Sikua went on to say that under Hon. Sogavare's leadership, the "Solomon Island ship was heading for the rocks and was sinking, therefore, the leadership had to change."

The Prime Minister said that the Motion of No Confidence was never in the interest of the people as it was more personal, labeling it a "non-sense motion", much to the vocal support of the government side.

The Prime Minister in his final part of his speech, went on to thank the Solomon Island people and to say that he is "proud to be a Solomon Islander" and proud to have lead the people of Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Dr. Derek came out victorious after defeating the motion by 39 votes. His Government is now looking forward to taking the Solomon Islands into 2010.

In today's Parliamentary session, the Opposition Leader, Hon Sogavare will raise the following questions for debate:

- Can the Prime Minister inform Parliament whether or not the $4million promised to the Western Province for tourism development has been released?

- In respect of the engagement of the former Labor Party Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Affairs in the Prime Minister's Office, can the Prime Minister inform Parliament as follows: The nature of his engagement in the organizational structure of the Prime Minister's Office, his specific roles in the Prime Minister's Office, who is he answerable to, and who will pay for his salary.

The Parliament will then consider the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund Report, 2007, which will be moved by Hon. Snyder Rini.

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