Monday, 23 November 2009 9:56 AM

PM Appeals for Support

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has appealed to his fellow parliamentarians to vote in support of the constitutional political parties' integrity bill.

The highly publicized and most talked about bill seeks to end instability caused by political "grass hopping" by strengthening party systems.

In its second reading in parliament last Friday, Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said the bill is in the name and for the sake of the people of Solomon Islands.

He said the people have spoken and urged parliamentarians to support the bill in honour of the people they represent. Parliamentary debate on the constitutional political parties' integrity bill begins today.

However, in what could be a show of what's to come, MP for West Honiara, Isaac Inoke told his constituents yesterday afternoon that he will oppose the Constitutional Political Parties Integrity Bill.

The Government Backbencher, Mr. Inoke says he will be "acting in accordance with the wishes of his constituents who are opposed to the proposed Bill."

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