Wednesday, 31 December 2008 2:21 PM

Operation High Visibility to Ensure Safe New Year Celebrations

With the city setting into motion for the big countdown to 2009, police are also stepping up on Operation High Visibility to ensure peaceful celebrations for everyone.

Chief Superintendent, Nathan Ratu, said police will take alcohol as key issue of their operation and also looking at traffic during the festive season.

Police have set up road blocks to check on vehicles on the road as of yesterday, and this will go right through to New Year.

"I encourage people to continue with the good attitude shown during the Christmas season," he said.

Chief Supt. Ratu said police are going to put on extra man power on the streets during New Year's celebration.

Meanwhile, clubs have been given a rule of closing by 2am and no later than that.

Chief Supt. Ratu said that unlike other years, clubs will not be allowed to open until 6am.

"Solomon Islands has already reached 30 years of independence, we should at least change our way of thinking, be mature and follow the law," he said.

He said police really appreciate the support that has been coming from the public over the past few days.

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