Thursday, 13 October 2011 8:49 AM

New Caledonia Arts Festival Team Visit Facilities

The visiting New Caledonia Arts Festival Delegation yesterday visited a number of sites and facilities to be used during the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in July 2012.

The delegation is in Honiara this week to gather information on the festival to assist them prepare their participants to take part in the festival.

A statement from the organizing committee says the team met technical committees of the National Organizing Committee and briefed on important issues that Solomon Islands as a host country will provide as well as requirements that participating countries will meet.

The team was also briefed on festival ceremonies, activities, transportation, accommodation and catering, performing arts, creative arts, protocols and media communications as well as translation from English to French.

They expressed satisfaction with the information provided during the meeting and they will be seeking further information during the week in other organized meetings.

At the end of the visits, Head of Delegation Regis Vendegou also said that they are interested to explore home stays in Honiara during the festival.

The team will be liaising with the Accommodation and Catering Committee to make arrangements for this initiative.

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