Thursday, 17 November 2011 8:15 AM

Miss Solomon Selected

Local beauty queen Miss Simaema Mili Marie Nielson has been selected to represent Solomon Islands at this year' s Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant in Apia, Samoa from December 4 -11.

Miss Simaema who contested as Miss Daltron at the 2010 Miss Solomons Beauty Pageant in Honiara was the first runner-up during last year's event. She freely accepted to represent the country when she was approached by local organisers this month.

With the upcoming regional event, a major fundraising effort has been organised to raise funds to enable the country's representation in Samoa through Miss Simaema's talents.

As part of the fundraising efforts, a major corporate dinner has been organised at the Honiara Hotel this Saturday evening to raised funds to enable Miss Simaema' s participation at the Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant.

A number of entertainments planned for the corporate dinner will include the handing over of the Miss Solomon's Crown by Fuatino Malasa to Miss Simaema as well as cultural and musical performances. Miss Fuatino was crowned Miss Solomons last year.

Renowned Technology Company, Daltron who sponsored Miss Simaema last year, has proudly taken the initiative to spearhead the fundraising efforts to ensure Solomon Islands is represented at this year' s Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant.

"Daltron is proud to lead fundraising efforts to ensure Solomon Islands is represented at this regional event," said Country Manager, Tony Koraua.

Daltron's effort has received strong backing from the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism following consultations by Mr Koraua and top Officials from the two organisations.

Ms Simaema's participation this year is crucial to support Solomon Islands bid to host the Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant in 2012.

She will also use the opportunity in Samoa to raise regional awareness about the country's cultural richness and the hosting of the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts in Solomon Islands next year.

With those anticipated benefits, local organiser, Ms Doreen Kuper has encouraged business houses and individuals to support the fundraising efforts to send our beauty contestant to the annual regional event.

Tickets for the corporate dinner will be sold at a number of outlets throughout the week. Interested organisations and individuals can reach the following contact persons by phone: Ms Simaema (7491646), Janice (7487775), Doreen (7498083), and Daltron Office (25100).

Source: Press Release, Miss Solomon Islands Committee

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