Tuesday, 18 May 2010 8:48 AM

Minister's urged to Return Vehicles

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, John Ta'aru, has confirmed that former members of parliament are slowly returning government vehicles.

A written legal notice prepared by Attorney General for the return of the vehicle within 14 days period had been delayed until last week Thursday.

Mr Ta'aru says the issuing of the legal notice for former members of parliament to return government vehicles should have reached all the former MPs by last week Thursday.

He says his ministry is expecting all government vehicles held by the former MPs to be returned to the ministry within 14 days starting from last week Thursday.

Mr Ta'aru says despite the delay former MPs are slowly returning government vehicles.

He says only three vehicles had been return to the ministry and his office will be waiting for the rest within the remaining 14 days as of Thursday last week.

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