Monday, 12 September 2011 9:22 AM

Manetoali Congratulates Solomon Airlines on New Aircraft

Culture and Tourism Minister Samuel Manetoali says it is "a great privilege to own and operate a sizable aircraft."

He said it is well and good that Solomon Airlines will operate a bigger aircraft starting on Monday, but says that it must make sure "it does its homework to attract people to travel in the aircraft."

Mr Manetoali told a gathering in Nadi, Fiji and Port Vila in Vanuatu at the weekend that all stakeholders must work together to boost tourist arrival numbers.

"If Solomon Airlines is to fill its new Air bus to capacity on its flights, there must be enough rooms in hotels and motels for travelers," said Mr Manetoali.

He said currently the country only has 400 rooms for visitors per week.

He said the government is working hard to give the right incentives to investors that would to come to Solomon Islands and help build its tourism industry.

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